What Matters To Me.

Dialogue with Neale about The Only Thing That Matters
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What Matters To Me.

Postby Harrison » August 20th, 2010, 1:07 pm

Hello, my brothers and sisters, and Hello, Neale!

Namast'e, and thank you so much for creating an environment like this where we can share our experiences. :)

For me, "What Matters" is an interesting topic, because what matters to me is always changing... at least the circumstances are. I feel the core principles I hold that I apply to any situation stay with me.

For me, what matters is the way I think, speak, and act, both toward others and myself.
Up until the age of 15 i felt very restricted in my life. But I always felt uneasy about it. I was brought up in an atheistic family, amongst most christian or atheist friends, in a school where so much emphasis in the education system was placed on things that just didn't seem to "matter" to me. I had always felt I had this little voice of reason in my head , a feeling that was saying to me, "I'm not comfortable with this anymore, there's something else".

It was at the age of 15 that I was first given your book (Conversations with God Book 1). I read it more out of curiosity than interest. My friend who had read the works of Richard Bach and your books, amongst others, understood my character very well. She knew if she kept telling me "You're not ready for this, don't read this book..." (even though she knew and believed I was very much ready), that out of pure childlike curiosity I would read it.

And I read it, and It was the most life-changing experience I have had to this day.
It took me almost 2 years to read the entire trilogy, then it took 2 months to re-read it, and 2 weeks to re-read it a third time.

But what was important, is that each time I read it, I found something new. But every time I read it I thought, "Why wasn't this apparent to me before? Why did no-one tell me this?" I now understand, of course, that all things happen in perfect place and time, and that nobody told me, because I didn't bring myself to that experience.

But all of these experiences have left me with a definite resonating set of ideas that has been with me in everything I do. THIS is what matters to me:

I have learned that something can matter me so dearly, but at the same time - Not matter at all!
I sometimes find it difficult to explain this to my friends and family, and so they sometimes misunderstand me and think I just "Don't Care", but I hope I can explain better here. :)

What I mean by statement above is that if I choose to do one thing, but another result comes of it (No matter how much I desired a particular result...) then that result is still Okay! I have remembered how to accept things as they are! I know that on some level I have played my part in choosing that, and it is a fantastic liberating feeling that has given me a great deal more patience and understanding in all areas of my life.

Ooh I have waffled on....
I suppose if I wasn't clear is that what matters to me, is that nothing matters ultimately... and that because we are eternal in every way, I can now joyously experience myself without fear.

That is the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me.
And thankyou Neale for giving me that, through your (our) conversations with God. :)

I am now full of love.
Peace xx

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Re: What Matters To Me.

Postby mindchild » October 11th, 2010, 8:13 am

Absolutely beautifully spoken! It made me cry (in a good way).

I have learned that something can matter me so dearly, but at the same time - Not matter at all!
I sometimes find it difficult to explain this to my friends and family, and so they sometimes misunderstand me and think I just "Don't Care", but I hope I can explain better here.

This resonates with me also. I want so badly to have deep conversations about God and what my "truth" is with my friends and family. I choose my words carefully when I really need to shout from the roof tops!! :) It is that Joy in my liberation that I want others to feel with me. I have given all of Neale's books to friends and family over the years only to have them give it back to me months later when they are "cleaning house". I am really feeling a pull to open a spiritual book store/ library and have meditation sessions etc. It is an exciting thought! There has got to be more people in my area who feel there is something more. They just need to have a place to explore it. We have 1 yoga place in my area. Lots of churches. It is isolating. After all is said and done, what matters? I am happy and in harmony and peace with God.

<3 Lisa

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Re: What Matters To Me.

Postby Joe » February 16th, 2011, 7:09 pm

Dear Harrison,

It sounds like you've let go of the need for certain outcomes, and even let go of any preference - which is an incredibly empowering place to be!

What you've written here is pertinant to something showing-up in my world today, and has 're-minded' me of how I wish to procede. What an inspiration your words are!

Just as Neale once gifted you, you have now gifted me.
Thank you!
: )


Dear Lisa,

I like your idea of a spiritual bookstore. While I'm sure you'll take the hint from Harrison's post about not needing certain outcomes to manifest, I wonder.. have you followed your feeling about that?.. Neale has said that feelings are the language of the Soul, and that ideas are 'God saying hello'.. I'd be interested to hear where your idea has led you!

Also, I'm not sure if you know this, but Neale set-up an online community called The 'Changing Change Network', to make sure that no-one need ever again feel isolated as they face Life, or Life change. The site is supported by a team of Spiritual Helpers who respond to postings and requests for emotional and spiritual support, and has developed into a community of compassion, growth, and transformation. Over 11,000 people have now gathered in the community, and you're more than welcome to join us! As a Spiritual Helper there (and here!), I'd like to invite you to come and share some time with us, and reach-out any time you feel isolated. You can find us here:

God Bless!
: )

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