what matters to you most-fullfillment

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what matters to you most-fullfillment

Postby sean k. » August 28th, 2010, 4:56 pm

Hi, having an hypothetical question brewing around inside of me since... well, I will just keep it at since. Let me ask, how would you go about creating the experience of your grandest vision you ever had, when in fact the experience you had that provoked this endeavor was the experience of an lifetime that most would consider impossible? Or for that matter, you what?

Let us also add that answers to questions ensued this persons quest for help, though the answers were yet to be understood due to lack of wisdom based upon beliefs passed down. So this person started on an path of fullfillment, though the path showed the secrets, but do to interference from who he was before all had befallen him, struggled to accept who he was becoming, considering his vision. See the paradox unfolding? That which is, knowing that it wasn't what it thought it was, in fact not even close, actually trying to create itself, or re-create itself in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever it had.

To add to this very amazing awakening, the illusion that is, was showing the illusion it was, but with very colorful and bright displays of itself through this persons continued participation, whom had agreed to its conditions by actively pursuing its truth. So with all said, this person realized he could fullfill his purpose, though had come to an very important crossroads, and wondered if there was going to be creation of it, so set out for guidance.

Any thoughts on this?

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