Dialogue with Neale about The Only Thing That Matters
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Thank you Neale for your very huge generosity. This is a word I think of when I thank you in my thoughts. Generous!
I live in Kuwait where your books are banned. Yes..people hold a bit tight to their beliefs sometimes but I guess they need it. It's mainly the people in power i suppose. But there is a lot happening under the surface and there is no interference there so, its all good. It's a religious country. I am so glad to be here to contribute and to be myself. I can assure you all that the images on TV etc are a extremely small minority so be friends. Then it's easier to share.
I have "Home With God" here. I lent it to a friend who works in a big store. I saw a huge change in her and she didn't stop saying thanks.(I pass it on) haha. She mentions your books to many now. One client said to her she had the whole collection and she arrived at my friends work and gifted the lot to her.
Isn't it great. There are no barriers big enough to stop life and things can manifest out of the blue.
Lots of love to ya Neale.

Yesterday, I randomly picked up Book Three. Page 256-258

"All of your life you have been told that God created you. I come now to tell you this: You are creating God"
(Working with a master I found that as I matured, it became more of a reflection. At the beginning I was less comfortable and confident. Then it became like an access point to my deepest largest self).

"The human race has no chance to lift itself from its own lowest thoughts until you lift yourself to your own highest ideals"
( I find to think of the best we can for ourselves in any area very powerful and creative.I will contnue with this.)

"Who you are, I am. You are defining God"

The thing I love about modern literature on spirituality and actually, the old stuff had it too, (Though most was hidden, destroyed or complicated) is that it is so empowering so it makes sense. :)

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