could it be?

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could it be?

Postby Moreconnections » March 24th, 2011, 7:03 am

Hello to All,

Like many spiritually oriented sites there is a very limited inclusion of the news of the day. Occasionally someone mentions what's going on and wonders what the implications of this could be.

The world as we can easily see is going through what amounts to a series of experiences where what we held to be normal is no longer. There are of course all kinds of theories related to these changes. Those that rely on externally based understandings will attempt to explain that the social shifts are tied into cause and effect. Then there are those who look at the increasing numbers of what are called natural disasters and see those as signs from God. Signs that we are sinners and are being punished for our sins. Most people however simply wonder what the hell is going on.

As someone recently pointed out, the changes currently going on are so fast and furious that the media, governments and most religions don't know what to make of it.

All of our institutions are included in these shifts. Economies are scrambling to stay solvent. Our economic models no longer seem to work or apply. In the US the social networks which attempt to help those that are the least among us are being de-funded. Schools must also cut back. There exists a rationing mindset of services available to many people.

Then there is the environment. Some in power across the world do not believe any warming is going on so there is no need to change or alter policies. Food production and the availability of water are increasingly coming to the forefront of concerns for our race.

Every aspect of our human experience seems to be in transition. I think of it as a convergence of change. For the average person many will increasingly feel powerless while these changes are going on. They may move into resignation. Somewhat ironically that powerlessness and resignation may work to help usher in the transitions occurring. People who strongly resist changes due to their attachments of all things physical may be impeding what I see as a very natural and predictable series of events and conditions. These are the mind/ego guided individuals who have ruled our race.

I think of the Biblical phrase "the meek shall inherit the earth." Could this be what all this is about? Are those with less of an egoic identity going to prevail? To me this just might be what will result from all these changes and transitions. Those who have been on a path towards a non egoic identity will be able to help others who are just starting. There are many souls "waiting in the wings" to help with this movement.

It is an exciting time to be alive.

Peace with Love,


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