TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Dialogue with Neale about The Only Thing That Matters
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TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby dc77 » September 9th, 2010, 8:29 am

Dear Neale.

I'm currently in the middle of reading CWG pt. 3. As an Israeli Jew with an orthodox background, I've always struggled with God. I spoke with him as a child. I've 'left' him as a teenager to declare myself atheist (yeah, right :? ). Had a love-hate relationship with him in my 20s, and now - getting to know him and love him, in my early 30s (a lot thanks to you).

I believe god and I are one, even though I was brought up to believe god god loves me "with a condition", and that condition is that I obey (at least try to) the basic rules of Judaism. I can (almost) safely say I'm not afraid. But then again, I'm not sure. Maybe I've got it all wrong?

As said above, I'm reading CWG pt. 3. Lately, the book "unintentionally" started an inner-struggle. While reading the pt.1, I couldn't help noticing it's written from a very "christian" perception (or, point of view), in terms - easier for *you* to understand. Jesus is brought up as an example for a true master many times. The New Testament is cited numerous times as well. I can appreciate that, but not fully understand it.

Back to my conflict:

I'm an ex-orthodox Jew. I was brought up on a very interesting, compassionate and deep codex, believed to be given by God to Moses at Mt. Sinai. Unlike religions and beliefs existing before Judaism, and unlike religions "created" thereafter, the Jewish codex emphasizes the relationship between man-to-man, not less than the relationship between man-to-god (if not more!).

There are so many modern, compassionate, high-resolution, social, environmental, very liberal rules portrayed in the Hebrew bible, given nearly 3000 years ago. From "freeing" a mother-bird you find on the ground, and taking the eggs or chicks to yourself (a social compassionate rule, allowing the elder bird to continue and reproduce), to the prohibition of cutting fruit-trees when in war for the purpose of making weapons (an environmental rule disallowing you harm trees which may benefit others). Add to that the (later) canonical wisdom of the Mishna, the Talmud, and medieval Jewish scholars such as Moses Maimonides, Rashi, etc., and their life-work of interpreting and clarifying the bible... None of this amazing wisdom could be created by man himself. none of it.

Who would've thought 3,000 years BC, when paganism ruled the world, about loving "thy neighbor"? Freeing a mother-bird? Halting the harvest of the land every 7 years? Require all slaves to be freed every 7th year? Conducting circumcision on precisely the 8th day of a baby's life (doctors these days can tell you that the child's immunity system kicks in the 8th day - on the spot)? Who if not God?

Who could have created a sophisticated economical system with an annual obligation to contribute to the poor and public-servants, if not God? Who would've thought of making it an god given obligation to install a banister in a two-story house, as a condition to starting to live in it, if not a man-loving-modern-God?

These are amazing things. Their clarification in the Mishna and Talmud is none-the-less astonishing. This doesn't exist elsewhere, and is simply great even in modern 21st-century terms.

Taking all this into consideration, why shouldn't I obey to God's rules governing our relationship? I mean, if he has given us this amazing modern codex so many thousand years ago, when man couldn't have comprehended such amazing things,

Could all this be so wrong? There is no code between man-and-god? It's OK to light fire on Shabbat? It's OK not to fast on Yom Kippur and eat bread on Passover? God wouldn't be mad at me for not doing all these things? I mean, if the biblical God was this amazing genius giving out a modern set of social and environmental codes, why not obey the other set of rules given at the same time - between us and him?

The ONLY thing that matter to me is fearless knowledge, wisdom, clarity and being one with the creator or creators. BUT HOW?

sean k.
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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby sean k. » September 10th, 2010, 12:06 pm


You have opened up pandoras box, so to speak. The truths taught to you by others, are in fact their truths passed down through generations for the purpose of others to possibly shed their "own" light onto the canvas, based upon how they truly feel about what is being told to them. This is actually an opportunity to "show up," but like an sponge we just absorb what is being fed to it.

Sounds to me as if maybe you have allowed your knowledge of others wisdom to influence your decision making, like most of us. Then go around and do something totally opposite that which you have already created. This then creates chaos, which is the ultimate creation, for it is in the chaos that we truly find out who we really are. For the simple reason that what we created comes out to show you what you have been feeding it. This will create any feelings of revolt, because then you have been made aware of what you did, or did not do.

Believe it or not, Neales books are kind of like an method of "wringing" out that sponge. Feelings put in, come out the same way. Trick is to just let them go without questioning why, then you can see what it is you were meant to hear. Just sometimes we think we know what actually is, until it is shown to us. I do hope this helps you on your journey.
As far as How goes, well only this can be answered by you.

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby Moreconnections » September 11th, 2010, 8:22 am


I know you wrote to Neale here but some things you mentioned resonated with me. You mention your internal conflict in reconciling your Jewish faith with what is thought by many to be a new ageish slant on spirituality and God.

My friend there is absolutely nothing wrong with or incorrect about the Jewish faith. If much of what has been written in your faith feels right to you follow your Heart. I can understand how and why you'd feel a little confused. On the one hand your faith has shown what seems to be a Divine insight in many matters but some other areas seem less Divinely inspired. So your internal conflict revolves around how can I accept some areas and not others? Should I just accept all of it? Once you take the concept of right and wrong out your thinking you'll start living much more freely. Dualistic thinking is what the relative is pretty much about at our current level of consciousness.

Many people were introduced to a metaphysical perspective by CWG for the first time. While a great deal of what was presented felt right it also seemed to conflict with the beliefs they've held to all of their lives. For some it raised more questions than it answered.

You state you feel you and God are One. (However at the end of your post you wonder how to go about this. Maybe you'd like to believe you and God are One. Belief and Knowing are slightly different.) If this is really true whatever you feel, think and do is God Being Itself. Meaning there is nothing separate from you, God and all that God created, which in your case, means those rules you spoke of are of God too. Oneness has no divisions. God is the substance and glue of all of creation.

Even your confusion and struggle is God experiencing part of Itself through you.

In metaphysical thought time is a figment of our imaginations. CWG mentions this essentially here and there. It also mentions the essence of God is beyond this relative Universe and all dualities. What was written over 3,000 years ago in your faith exists right Now. Choosing some of it or all of it is OK. God never gets mad. People do. I know many of the concepts presented in CWG can be challenging to absorb.

One of the most forceful and useful invitations of the Dialogues to me was to seek the Perfection in all that Is. Perfection in this context is not about bad or good. Perfection is about Accepting and Allowing the Godliness to be Known in everything. God is far beyond making judgments. However God is judgment. There is no-thing God is not. I know that makes little sense. For myself once I started to experience my life in this way I began to understand everything contains within it a gift.

You ask how do you become One with God. For me it was fairly easy. Perhaps a good way to start is seeing God in everything. Even the relative mind can comprehend the idea that God created it All so play a game with yourself and see God in everything. When the mind has doubts about the Godliness of something remind yourself who and what created whatever it is. Moving into the feeling of being Unified with it All is much easier than you might imagine.



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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby dc77 » September 11th, 2010, 9:13 am

thank you so much for your truly touching answers.

as i read them, the conflict widens. i mean, the biblical rules (and their Talmudic interpretations) are so smart, so sophisticated, so liberal - way beyond any human comprehension at the time (thus, must have been dictated by God... or another metaphysical being), so who am I to decide what is to be obeyed (if at all) and what can be ignored?

CwG has widely discussed the ring-of-fear the christian church would like it's followers to reside within. great charity and confessions. satanic images. primal-eternal-lasting sins, etc. but... there's no satanic figure in the hebrew bible. there's no eternal fire. your relationship with God is direct. There's no ring-of-fear, no confessions, it's you and the big guy. hardly any middlemen between you and him. actually - none, if you chose so. Again, so smart, so compassionate. So where's the catch? Is (was) it all made up by middlemen in order to inject fear into me? What's their interest in this?

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby Moreconnections » September 12th, 2010, 3:07 am

One thing that all those who teach, advocate and suggest, from metaphysical/mystical perspectives, is that everyone has within them all the answers to everything every moment.

Human comprehension has for the most part been at levels that is concerned with the relative physical Universe dualistically experienced. So it should surprise no one that many conceptual and intuitive understandings offer so much more. It sounds like you are very impressed with the Wisdom and Knowledge that has been written many years ago. In your mind such Wisdom can only have the Divine as its source. So tell me, what is not Divine?

As CWG mentions many times we humans adhere to separation theologies. In separation theologies a person has no direct connection to the Divine. This being so the need for a middle person was needed and created. This middle person had more of a connection than others. He/she could and often did have revelations pertaining to many areas that others did not and could not have.

The human ego is often very involved in separation theologies. The ego often uses fear or one of its relatives for the purposes of dominance. Keep the faithful ignorant and fearful and they will always need us, by needing us we can control them. The priestly caste of any faith has approached many of its followers in this way. At one time reading the Bible was not OK. It was taught the average person could not understand what was written so in order to do so a "middle" person was needed.

I would suggest you begin to rely less on your thoughts and more on your natural intuitive abilities. The source of all questions arises from the relative mind. The mind is like a rushing stream filled with ideas/thoughts. Many people find themselves drowning in these. Step onto the shore as the stream rushes by. Center yourself, create a place where you can be still and simply Listen. You'll then hear answers to your questions.


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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby Cobalt » September 12th, 2010, 12:20 pm

Some people rely upon science to provide the answers about life, whilst others look to religion. Most people let others come up with the answers, yet, there still remain those who search for themselves.

Most religions or philosophies that seek Truth have layers and layers of "the onion" to peel away. People need to go deeper and deeper to get through all the layers of mysterious things. However, the mystery is never solved. The promoters of these religions are deluding themselves and others. Darkness thrives on this because it is a trap instigated by Darkness.

Things are not always what they appear to be, nor as you have been told in this world. This is a world run by Darkness, into which, warriors of the Light venture to keep those True beings who have been trapped here sustained until such time when the Light is removed from this realm.

True beings are quite disadvantaged on this planet, no matter what vocation or avocation they choose. While beings of Darkness are supported and encouraged to excel, True beings are discouraged and put down to the point that many feel like they are losers, which is just how the opposition wants them to feel.

When a High Being of the Light manifests on the Earth, a great amount of Light is shed, and many are nourished by it. This makes it possible for those who were put down by the opposition to be able to stand up and excel in whatever they do. However, once such a High Being is identified by the rulers of Darkness that control the Earth, they do all that they can to steal the High Being's energy, corrupt the High Being's message, and persecute all who follow the High Being.

Jesus is one of the High Beings who brought a great deal of Light into this Dark realm. He directly challenged the rulers of Darkness on this planet. Jesus took on the ruling elite of the time by challenging the Jewish religious followers for performing animal sacrifices and for allowing money changers to trade at the gates of the houses of worship, among many other things. Of course, the priests disdained Jesus for confronting them and their hypocrisy.

Jesus also pointed out the battle of Good versus Evil, and clearly expressed that people were either of the Darkness or of the Light. He explained that the energy of Darkness was that of the Devil, who is a murderer and a liar, and the "father" of many of the beings on this planet.

Several Gnostic books were written concerning Jesus, and some remain relatively uncorrupted, however most are materially corrupted today. Jesus pointed out that the "God" of the Old Testament was not the God of Light, and He demonstrated it in many ways. He showed his disdain for fraud, murder and hypocrisy which the "God" of the Old Testament openly promoted by rewarding those such as Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Rebecca, Lot and others for lying to kings, performing confidence games, deceiving their siblings, and having incestuous relationships with their children. Jesus demonstrated that the "God" of the Old Testament was in fact the Devil - who symbolically signifies the epitome of Darkness. The "God" of the Old Testament is a god who rules by fear and condemnation. He is such an insecure "God" that he openly declares that he is a jealous god and his acts confirm that he is an abusive and jealous god.

Jesus came to Earth to sustain the children of Light who are trapped in this Evil realm, and to expose the existence of the Evil creation and its traps for True beings. He did not come to convert the children of Darkness, nor did He come to start any earthly religions. He came to separate His own children from the children of Darkness and to show them the way Home.

Unfortunately, the archons and minions of Evil on this Earth corrupted His message. One of the most horrific things that the beings of Darkness did was to link the New Testament with the Old Testament. This joinder allowed the Dark beings to confuse and deceive people into thinking that the "God" of the Old Testament was the father of Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Jesus is at war with the "God" of the Old Testament.

Paul's experience on the road to Damascus did not come from the Light. Since he could not kill enough of the followers of Jesus to quash the Gnostic movement, he infiltrated it, feigning love for Jesus and conversion to His teachings. However, Paul was corrupting the Message and taking over the followers. He built a church that was directly opposed to the wishes of Jesus.

The primary reasons for the prisons are to control the prisoners and to extract energy from them to maintain the Dark creation.

This entire pseudo-creation, which I have called the Virtual Reality, was created by Darkness to be, in effect, a huge prison. Darkness is the jailer; Its chief agents are the wardens; and the prisoners are all the trapped True-Light beings and those of Darkness who have disobeyed their master.

Evil holds many True-Light beings as ransom. It will not willingly release even a single particle of True Light, even at these final stages of the separation process. The separation process is going to be painful, which is unavoidable.

Corruption of truth is an imposition by Darkness in the Virtual Reality designed to keep inhabitants ignorant. That is why there is no way that truth of all things can be understood or revealed here. One can only hope that he or she receives sufficient truth to sustain him or her until the Rescue Mission is completed.

Since many are taught about spiritual progression and advancement, they accept the doctrine of evolution of the soul. They can be quick to attack anyone who questions this spiritual evolutionary theory. In fact, evolutionary theories of all types are generally protected by Darkness and people are programmed to accept them.

What people are unaware of is that the purpose of existence in the Virtual Reality is to serve Darkness. Darkness enslaved every being in the Virtual Reality and forces them to serve It. All of the trapped True-Light beings in the Virtual Reality are assisted by the Light to awaken to the degree necessary to sustain them until they can be rescued.

The promise of spiritual attainment in the Virtual Reality is an empty promise and a lie. Especially the sincere ones who promote this are fooled and are being used by Darkness to drag others into the net to be spiritually assassinated by Darkness. The entire ascended master list has been sponsored and supported by Darkness.

The critical concept that must be grasped in order to begin to awaken to the truth is the knowledge of duality of Forces. These two opposing Forces are not for balance, but are in conflict with each other. Evil and Good are in direct opposition. Evil rules by the principle of servitude to Its Master. Good exists for the mutual benefit of all. Duality has been addressed by many true seekers, but because one of the Forces – Darkness – purposely corrupts truth in this Virtual Reality, the concept of duality of Forces is corrupted into the concept of balance, and people are encouraged to accept everything as good.

The principle of Yin/Yang is a distorted concept of the mayonnaise in this Virtual Reality. Yin represents the feminine aspect and Yang represents the masculine aspect. Many people believe this is for balance. It really represents the True-Light Energy of the Divine Mother and the False-Light Energy of the Usurper. The Divine Mother’s Energy is intertwined with Darkness. The Yin/Yang, Night/Day concept tries to make the True-Light look dark and the False-Light look light. This distortion of purposefully projecting Darkness as Good and the True-Light as Darkness is a theme that runs through Western and Eastern religions. Hence, many sincere people are trapped in Darkness’ deception. The deception is so deep that even Darkness has confused Itself.

Karma is an evil system that was designed by Darkness. It was never intended to be fair and just, but was imposed upon beings in the Virtual Reality to suit the purposes of Darkness. The lords of karma have unfairly and unjustly imposed this horrible weapon upon everyone and everything. However, the lords of karma have been dismantled and things are different.

The concept of Original Sin has its roots in Genesis of the extant Bible. This concept has blackened human history with untold pain, suffering, fear, guilt, despair, wars and all forms of evil. The concept was conceived and maintained by agents of Darkness to trap, confuse, control, punish and extract emotional energy from True-Light beings. Ultimately, the concept of Original Sin is the Devil’s tool. Sadly, many genuine people have been fooled by the putrid belief that a loving God would test and punish Its children.

People are confused because the “god” they worship is capable of expressing profound love, yet It is also brutally savage. This is because there are two separate Energies that are diametrically opposed to each other entwined in the make-up of the “god”. When the True-Light is withdrawn from Darkness, from the very lowest to the highest levels of expression in this Virtual Reality, Darkness will then constantly express pure evil. The charade will be over.

The Rescue Mission by the True-Light God is nearing completion. The True-Light particles, regardless of whether they are in the Hebrew, Arab, Asian, Mediterranean, African, Aborigine, European or any other race, regardless of culture, beliefs or creed, will soon be rescued from Darkness. When all the True-Light particles are removed from the Virtual Reality, only Darkness will remain, which will eventually self-destruct.

Darkness is getting more and more desperate and has been forced to use Its reserves of stolen energy to keep Its putrid illusion going longer in the hopes of finding a solution before the illusion collapses. As Darkness drains Its reserves, the illusion of Its Virtual Reality will falter more and more. Since all motion is wasteful and motion is necessary to maintain the illusion, the reserves will soon be exhausted. When Darkness runs out of Its energy reserves, motion will stop, much like a car will stop when it runs out of petrol. When motion ceases, the illusions created by motion will simply vanish, and that will be the end of Darkness' Virtual Reality. That day is rapidly approaching.

Originally, the Earth played a small part in the Virtual Reality. However, a long, long time ago, the Anunnaki re-located the Atu-waa to the Earth, and the planet then became a very significant place in the Virtual Reality. The Earth was then put on a state of heightened security. Darkness blanketed the planet with ignorance to avoid anyone awakening to what is going on.

It is nothing new to the world to have aliens delving into human affairs - this has been going on since ancient times. For many years now, there have been numerous reports around the world of bleeding crucifixes, stigmata, weeping statues of Mary, images of the Immaculate Lady appearing in the clouds, in the leaves, on rose petals etc. While these incidences may be very exciting and awe-inspiring to Catholics, the non-fraudulent incidents are created by alien technology. The same is true for non-fraudulent crop circles, which are also created by alien technology.

The aliens expand on these types of signs at times by using holographic projections and voice recordings of what is supposed to be Mary, Mother of Jesus. These are done to fool people. These phenomena were witnessed by people at Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje etc. These types of "visions" are usually accompanied by fundamentally similar messages which instruct people to repent, convert, return to the church, believe in the Gospels, and to be saved.

The visions and their respective messages are the works of the Anunnaki, who want everyone to believe in and participate in their created religions so that they can better manipulate and control the minds and actions of believers. All these Christian phenomena have a common theme, which is to warn and remind people to repent and to return to Catholic Church for salvation. This itself shows the source of the messages is not of the Truth.

Shrines do not have power in and of themselves. However, they can be charged with subtle energies. Whilst many believe that the shrine gives off healing energies, and that some of the pilgrims will benefit from these healing energies, that is only a portion of what is occurring. The Lourdes shrine actually takes energy from most who visit it or think about being there. A small amount of this energy will be apportioned back to a small percentage of the visitors to keep the throngs coming. In this way, the shrine acts much like a vampire.

The types of aliens that are most involved with Catholic religious phenomena are the big Greys and the green Reptilians. Although other groups of Anunnaki are also involved in Christianity, the Greys and the Reptilians have predominant roles with the Catholic Church. The Reptilians also play games with the Hindu and Buddhist believers. The Muslims have brown Reptilians and Vulturites manipulating their faith. The Olcars ultimately have the most control over all the major religions and certain organizations, including the Freemasons. Other minor groups influence the indigenous people's religious practices around the world.

The Reptilians and Vulturites are the primary agents of Darkness for conquest and enslavement of any beings in their path. The world's religions are truly alien battlegrounds amongst the aliens themselves, which is evidenced by the friction caused by the aliens that result in religious wars. True spirituality comes from within the person regardless of the faith they follow. That is why there are always some truly spiritual people in any given faith. Religious observance is not to be confused with spirituality.

Things pertaining to the Divine cannot be fully comprehended and conveyed in earthly language on this level. Only high beings of the True Light who temporarily took on physical bodies, such as Jesus, Moses or Luria, were able to get glimpses of the True Divine Creation. Knowledge about the Divine is not something any Tom, Dick or Harry can accurately receive or faithfully transcribe. Nor can psychics, astral beings or so-called guides from the astral or other realms in the Universal Dodecahedron grasp or comprehend it, much less dispense it. Yet, the literature and channelled materials are full of pseudo-knowledge about what god is and what god is not. Darkness also thrives on this because this, too, is a part of Darkness' plan.

For eons messengers of the True Light have given the same basic message that is briefly stated as follows: If Darkness continues to hold True-Light beings spiritually hostage, there will be a forced separation of True Light from Darkness. This basic message was intolerable to Darkness, which did everything It could to suppress and distort it.

There were four fundamental things about the message that bothered Darkness. First, it showed that Darkness was a rebellious being that had turned away from the True Light. Second, it identified Darkness as the energy that was in control of the Earth. Third, it exposed Darkness as having trapped True-Light beings and holding them prisoners. Fourth, it showed that one day the True Light would rescue Its viable True-Light beings from Darkness and separate them from Matter (Evil). The separation would ultimately cause Darkness to dissolve into oblivion.

Darkness used many agents who suppressed and corrupted the True-Light message. This has been done time after time after time. It was with the written word that Darkness planned Its battle against the True Light. With the benefit of the written word, Darkness could formulate a systematic method of corrupting messages bearing Truth on the Earth. Darkness then invented recorded history. Prior to that, there were only oral legends and myths as handed down from father to son or mother to daughter. Darkness would not continue to risk having legends handed down through parents because they might try to pass Truth to their offspring.

Everyone who has studied history closely realizes that it is slanted to benefit the authors of it. For instance, an American history book discussing the American Revolution paints the picture of brave colonists, who, despite the tremendous odds against them, threw off the tyrannical chains George III had bound them in. A British version of the same event shows something very different indeed. Likewise, a Japanese history of that nation's invasion of China reads very differently from a Chinese history about the Japanese invasion of their homeland. The examples of this are countless, and undeniable.

Darkness is deluded into thinking that It is the Source. However, Darkness also knows that It must receive nourishment from the True Light to sustain Itself. Of prime importance to Darkness is to convince as many people as possible that there is no absolute evil. Darkness is able to make a strong argument in this regard because Darkness has become so deluded in Its self-imposed prison, known as the Universal Dodecahedron, that It thinks that It is the creator of everything. Given that mindset, it becomes clearer why Darkness thinks there is no evil. It does not see Itself as evil - It is in self-denial about that.

Darkness has started Its creation over and over whenever things became too chaotic, or whenever the True Light had brought down sufficient energy so that the inhabitants began getting close to discovering the Truth. Darkness then caused cataclysmic events that allowed It to wipe out nearly all knowledge of the past, to cover up the old footprints and start anew.
Constantly re-creating Its domain, seeking, among other things, to find the optimum mix of suffering and conflict with the minimum amount of happiness. In this "ideal" world there would be minimal chance of Truth being discovered.

It is no wonder that so many who have attempted to sort out the purpose of life have ended their searches in despair, or ended up going down one of the myriad of traps set up by Darkness in anticipation of deceiving the deeper searchers. Most never see through the mazes of deception that Darkness has used to obstruct any who search for Truth. Those who begin to get a glimmer of what this world is about would most certainly despair.

Prophecies in the Bible can either be based upon messages from the True Light or messages from representatives of Darkness. If the message comes from a True-Light being such as Moses, Daniel, Jesus or John the Divine, then Darkness corrupts and edits the message so that it is no longer recognizable. However, when a False-Light being such as Ezekiel presents the message, it is generally not corrupted because it is already giving out faulty information to benefit Darkness.

Jesus said: "Never give in or compromise with the enemies of the Light for such actions will weaken you. Never turn the other cheek to beings of Darkness for if you do, you will always be their slaves. If you love beings of Darkness indiscriminately which can NEVER truly respond to your Light and love, they will attempt to spiritually assassinate you. The beings of Darkness and the world hate the beings of Light because the beings of Light are not of the world even as I am not of the world. I shall gather all that are mine."

Jesus was a "walk-in". He was an Essene (Gnostic) of the inner circle, hence he did not marry nor did he drink alcohol. Therefore, he would not have changed water into wine, nor would his mother, who was also an Essene who respected the inner circle, ever request her son to do such a thing as is recorded in the accepted gospels. Further, Jesus would never speak to his mother with such disrespect as to rudely call her "woman ..."

He was not of a virgin birth. He was second born in a family of six children, which included five boys and one girl. His brother James and his sister Miriam played an important role in his life then, as they again do in this life.

He was not born in a manger, nor did any wise men visit Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born. Had these wise men actually visited bearing gifts as stated in gospels they would have made Jesus' parents quite wealthy. Neither were there any shepherds who saw the guiding "star" or who were told by angels that the son of God was born in a manger. There was no massacre of Jewish male infants and no flight to Egypt by Mary and Joseph as recorded in the Bible. In fact, Jesus was born quietly and his birth was unannounced so that he could avoid suspicion from the opposing force.

Being extremely intelligent and being guided by the Divine Light within him, he was able to make great progress within a short time. One of the highlights of his stay in India was meeting an Indian sage who was ontologically intimately connected to him. This Indian sage who resided in a small village in the hills of the Himalayas was none other than Babaji of Haidakhan. They both recognised each other as ontological beings outside this dimension and beyond.

Jesus was not here to "convert" anyone. Nor did he ever tell his disciples to become "fishers of men". He was here to prepare and rescue his own kind. There was no trial before Pontius Pilate as the gospels would have us believe. Jesus, however, was mercilessly tortured, humiliated and spat upon before he was murdered. The denial by Peter never took place and neither did Jesus heal the man whose ear was cut off.

Jesus was crucified alone. There were no others on crosses near him. The story of Barabbas associated with the crucifixion of Jesus was false. There was never an attempt to free Jesus by Pilate, nor did the crowd influence Pilate to free Barabbas instead of Jesus. The site was at a very ordinary spot, outside the city, which has been referred to as Golgotha. As Jesus' physical body laid hanging on the cross with blood streaming all over his body, his spirit hovered above him looking down at the blood-stained body. Mary and her family buried Jesus soon after his death. No angel appeared at his tomb, and Mary Magdalene was never near Jesus' tomb. There is no historical truthfulness in the physical resurrection of Jesus. Jesus would not resurrect a physical body that was created by Darkness (Matter).

Although there was no physical resurrection, after his death the spirit-body of Jesus was first "seen" by his brother James (who later incarnated as Edgar Cayce) and later by others.

Where Darkness has permitted messages from the True Light to be included in the Bible, It has generally given them a twist to confuse and confound searchers and to suit Its purposes. Darkness has added or removed words to the messages to deceive followers into believing that Jesus and other prophets of the True Light uttered things and acted in ways that are contrary to their Divine essences. The insertions and deletions are man-made and not inspirations from the Divine Source.

Darkness favours certain alien races over others because It is a warring god and derives satisfaction, pleasure and energy from watching beings suffer. Humans have been programmed by Darkness to also derive pleasure from watching or participating in executions, bullfights, gladiatorial contests and engagement in wars, as well as other abominable activities. Darkness also thrives upon human unrest.

Darkness is a warring energy. Many times the True Light has attempted to retrieve Darkness from Its self-constructed prison we know as the Virtual Reality. However, Darkness refuses to walk in the True Light. It is totally opposed to the True Light.

Darkness has always known that very few people would follow It if It clearly identified Itself as a rebellious being that broke away from the True Light, and overlaid Its pseudo-creation over the True-Light Creation with which to trap True-Light beings. Therefore, Darkness began making Itself appear to be the True-Light God by deceiving nearly everyone in the world about Its nature. Although Darkness is in opposition to the True Light, It tries to usurp and pretends to be the True Light.

The Eight Evil Minds

It is from the Evil Mind that all Evil forms are created and projected into the realms of Darkness. The Evil Mind is a mind of total Evil. There is no Light in the Evil Mind. The Evil Mind is the total mind of eight high beings of Light who have embraced Darkness. These eight beings of Light, are now, for all intents and purposes, beings of Darkness. For want of a better description, they are called the eight evil minds. Each of them expresses extreme deception, cruelty and filth. They are so cunningly deceptive and evil that pure beings are easily deceived by them because pure beings have difficulties comprehending Evil.

Although none of the eight minds trust one another, they came together for their own selfish purposes in hopes of overthrowing the Light. They know that each of them cannot achieve the goal independently, thus they have joined forces for the common interest of toppling the Light. Were they able to achieve their goal, they would then fight amongst themselves for supremacy of Darkness.

The most dangerous misconception about Evil is that It is believed to be necessary in order to balance the Light. This misconception actually justifies Darkness and is a deadly trap. It locks people into tolerating, and, worse still, embracing Evil, thus giving Evil the same glory and importance as Light. If that be the case, there would be no need to fight Evil, there would be no need to counteract Evil, and there would be no need to work on oneself towards Purity and goodness. If Evil were necessary to balance Light, then one's house should be open indiscriminately to marauders as well as friends at all times.

Many people believe that love conquers all, but Love does NOT conquer all in this realm of Virtual Reality controlled by Evil. In fact, Love cannot conquer Evil in this evil creation. Love can only appear to conquer Evil in this Evil realm because Evil surreptitiously manipulates, suffocates, exploits and abuses True Love for Its own selfish purposes. It has often been observed that when Love no longer serves Evil's purposes, Evil can turn and reveal Its ugly face without remorse or conscience.

In the True-Light Creation, all beings embrace Unconditional Love. Emotional love, which was created by Darkness, is different from Divine Love. Emotional love mimics Divine Love to trap the unawares. Evil cannot exist in the True-Light Realm. The ultimate effort of Darkness is to taint the True-Light Creation by contamination, putrefaction and corruption. In other words, in order to make the True-Light Creation habitable for themselves, the eight minds would need to lower the frequency of the True-Light Realm by corrupting It until the True-Light Realm would be compatible with Evil.

This is critical information for those who continue to ignorantly or consciously support and embrace the notion that "we are one" so we should "love everybody indiscriminately". This also goes for those who uphold the belief that there is no evil so "we should always think positively about everyone and everything in this universe" in order not to spread negativity. In fact, these are falsehoods and those who support them are helping Darkness in Its plot to attempt to trap and destroy True-Light beings. These are very serious matters for any who sincerely want to be part of the Light. "We are one" and "we are all love" can only exist in the True-Light Creation, but not in this Virtual Reality of Darkness.

Although it has taken many, many years of Earth time to organize and implement this Rescue Mission, in the Timeless Realm of True Light, it is as though it has happened only yesterday.

Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes (Matter) are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. The fear of death is a morbid disease. Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its domain - the Virtual Reality - to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in it. Death, amongst other things, wipes out memories to make it almost impossible for anyone to see through the lies and illusions of this Virtual Reality through the process of reincarnation.

It is important for Darkness to maintain the deception of the Virtual Reality and specifically of death so that the consciousness thinks it has died and been reborn. Such ones usually reside in the astral world of the Virtual Reality until it is time for them to re-enter new physical bodies by the process called re-incarnation. Re-incarnation is really a very evil imposition on the consciousness. It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement.

Re-incarnation causes most people to lose almost all their memories of their past lives; it actually obstructs one from advancing in knowledge and awakening to Truth. This, again, is by design to benefit Darkness. Unbeknown to many, the Akashic records in the astral world - the records of supposedly everything that has ever happened since the beginning of the universe - have been tampered with to suit Darkness.

If True Divine beings give up their precious Will to Darkness, their permanent light will eventually be extinguished and their energy will be used by Darkness to assist It in driving Its Virtual Reality.

Horrible destruction of True Divine beings has been going on since Darkness created this putrid Virtual Reality. No wonder the agents of Darkness hate anyone who tries to awaken the "slaves" of Darkness by taunting, persecuting and punishing them in all sorts of ways. These days the agents of Darkness employ cowardly ways to attack, defame, blackmail or threaten anyone who dares try to spread Truth. It gives Darkness and Its evil agents great satisfaction each time that It extinguishes a True Divine light. This is why it is so very important for one to strive to hold on to one's Will even in this hellhole of the Virtual Reality.

Contrary to some beliefs, Light does not need Darkness to balance Itself. Nor does Light need Darkness to co-exist. However, Darkness does need Light to sustain It. In fact, Darkness is a vampiric energy that sucks the "life" out of True Light beings in order to survive. Darkness has only been able to do this by erecting an elaborate house of horrors known as the Virtual Reality. Any True Light beings who enter this house of horrors are immediately preyed upon by agents of Darkness and "assassination" attempts commence as rapidly as possible. This is what the war between Good and Evil is all about. The Light is about to rescue Its own from the clutches of Darkness, whilst Darkness fights to hold onto every one of Its "prisoners".

"Assassination" occurs at the moment a True Light being gives over its Will to Darkness. This can be done by trickery, deception, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means. Those who give over their Will are then "fallen" beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness. It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being's Will by force. The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being.

The "Light" within a True-Light being is a permanent Divine spirit. It will "shine" forever if the Will is not given over to Darkness. But, if the Will is given over, Darkness seizes the permanent "Light" and drains it of its life force.

Virtual Reality - illusions within illusions

This Virtual Reality is based upon illusions within illusions. The Intelligence that created this Virtual Reality employed geometric designs in formulating the illusions at the smallest level of existence. Most people have difficulty accepting that the physical world, and especially the Earth and its contents, are illusional. The common argument against illusional existence is that since the world can be experienced through the five senses, it must be "real" and, therefore, cannot be illusional. A problem with seeing through the deception of the Virtual Reality is that the illusions are so real in appearance that it is hard to comprehend and accept that they are not real.

Surprisingly, some of Darkness' illusions have been discovered, investigated and exposed as illusional by scientists on Earth. One of these illusions is that while the Earth is spinning very fast, those who are on it cannot perceive the motion. I have described this phenomenon as the "illusion of no motion" in my previous articles and explained that Wanchenlu is the being responsible for maintaining this illusion.

Humans working on the Earth are at a distinct disadvantage in trying to solve the mysteries of life. They must rely upon information being communicated in a relatively uncorrupted form. The corruption of knowledge is intentional. Darkness has set up a mysterious existence by deviously concealing truth about the nature of "things" in the Virtual Reality. Darkness hides truth because exposure of untruth breaks down the illusions, and when the illusions fall, the mysteries are seen through. A magician's tricks are not impressive when the deceptions are uncovered. Darkness has many agents serving It on Earth, and those agents are continually distorting and corrupting data and knowledge.

Corruption of geometry occurred many times when agents of Darkness presented theories that detracted from the truth. One example of such an agent is Rene Descartes, who is regarded as one of the great thinkers of the world. He corrupted geometry by introducing and developing analytical methods that confused mathematicians and gave "reason" to irrational concepts. This is the same Descartes who fallaciously claimed that animals have no souls.

Gravity is a property that Darkness created to bring about the illusion of motion. Gravity was then employed to form what I call "Matter", which is different from "matter" that is commonly defined as anything with mass.

The first cause that is mentioned above is different from the first cause of the illusions. That is, once Darkness set Matter into "perpetual" motion, the illusions commenced. From the illusions came the appearance of solidity and everything in the physical and astral worlds. The entire material world was created by Darkness. In fact, the whole Virtual Reality was created by Darkness. There is no Matter in the Divine Creation. When motion ceases, all the illusions in the Virtual Reality will disappear, and all that will temporarily remain will be Matter.

Matter is pseudo-material in nature. It is at the heart of the tiniest "blocks" used by Darkness to "construct" Its Virtual Reality. Matter is a pseudo-material state of thought forms. The spinning "spherical" shields protecting Matter create the illusions of the repeating geometric patterns that underlie all of the False-Light creation.

Darkness created the physical and astral worlds from energy It extracted from the Infinite, then contaminated it to make it suitable for Its usage. Darkness cannot use Pure Energy from the Light directly. It has to "modify" it by contaminating it with polarized energy. Darkness has only extracted a finite amount of energy from the Infinite. Therefore, Darkness is finite.

Moving in the macro direction, some physicists theorize that there is an infinite level of increasing sizes also, whereby galaxies and universes would be akin to cells of larger organisms. This is also incorrect. Darkness is finite and the universes are the outer limits of Darkness - It has not created anything beyond them.

One of the more surprising illusions that I have exposed is that the sun is not what it appears to be. While it looks like a sphere, it is in fact a rapidly gyrating cube that is spinning so fast that the atmosphere around it combusts and burns. This burning cube is fuelled by a vortex that is created by its motion that sucks in the surrounding atmosphere.

The "cube" of the sun is hollow. It appears empty, but there are repeating geometric patterns inside of it. It only burns on the outside of the hexahedron. The illusion of the spheroid sun is formed by the gyrating hexahedron that is burning fuel outside of its six sides.

Astrophysicists cannot adequately explain why the planets travelling around the sun in our solar system are on a single plane. Pluto is the only exception, but its orbit is very close to the plane that houses the other planets. In fact, all the planets in all the solar systems of the physical world are on planes. This is because if the planets were to go too far outside of their planes, they would be sucked into the vortex and eventually become fuel for their respective suns.

The Earth and the other planets that orbit the sun are all hollow. They all appear empty inside. However, they are filled with repeating symmetrical geometric patterns. The "heart" of the Earth is a hollow symmetrical solid - an icosahedron.

The Earth's icosahedron spins so rapidly that it is not impeded even as it turns through the Earth's crust. As each point of the icosahedron touches a point near the surface of the Earth, it "paints" a portion of the illusion of a material point. The Earth's icosahedron paints these points in rapid order, so the illusion appears to be continuously solid, liquid or gaseous. This is an illusion. In fact, any point on the Earth is only as material as it is perceived by the viewer.

The "painting" of points by the Earth's icosahedron is analogous to the electron gun of a television's picture tube that illuminates dots on a screen and leaves the appearance of an image. The images appear to be in black and white or colour, three dimensional, and in motion. The illusion of motion is just the rapid showing of a series of still pictures that appear to move. But, when the electron gun stops firing, the illusional motion picture disappears.

Beneath the crust of the Earth is what is sometimes referred to as a "parallel" Earth or the inner Earth. The inner Earth's points, and all points of the Earth's crust, are "painted" as the gyrating icosahedron hits them. In fact, all of the planets and moons contain spinning icosahedrons that form their respective illusional spheres. All are hollow, and all have "parallel" inner worlds. Darkness used hollow models for creating Its illusions. One of the reasons for this was to allow small amounts of material to appear to take up vast spaces. Darkness premised Its Virtual Reality on waste, and the more space Darkness could take up (waste) the bigger It seemed to grow.

The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons

The largest of the pieces used by Darkness in creating Its Virtual Reality are universes. Universes are relatively flat pentagons. Every universe has its own multitude of dimensions contained within its borders. There are only twelve universes. Darkness connected these twelve universes together and formed the Universal Dodecahedron. The "parallel" universes are those that are on opposite positions of the Universal Dodecahedron. The Universal Dodecahedron was set into motion and also spins "perpetually". It also appears to be a sphere because of its rapid motion.

All of the symmetrical solids used by Darkness in creating Its illusion of the Virtual Reality have planar sides or faces. The tetrahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedrons are respectively composed of four, eight and twenty equilateral-triangular shaped sides. These triangles give the solids their bases from which to produce their "perpetual" motion. The motion produces the illusion of the symmetrical solids being spheres. The hexahedron has six square sides to produce its "perpetual" motion. Finally, the dodecahedron has twelve pentagon-shaped sides to produce its "perpetual" motion.

The Universal Dodecahedron serves many functions for Darkness. It forms a barrier or shield that those trapped inside cannot escape from. It also defines Darkness' "territory". The "borders" of Darkness expand with each conquest by contamination of Divine Energy. As Darkness expands, the Universal Dodecahedron expands. Hence, the twelve universes expand also.

From time to time, Darkness casts huge nets constructed of tiny, interconnected pentagons out into the uncontaminated Pure Realm and seizes some True-Light beings. The True-Light beings can become mesmerized in the illusional net and are then sucked into the Universal Dodecahedron, where they cannot be nourished because there is no Pure Energy contained therein. Darkness then forces the True-Light beings into bodies that have been modified so they can survive on Darkness' contaminated energy.

The kidnapped beings of Light are thereafter imprisoned and Darkness begins working on their Will - their True Spirit. If Darkness can trick the True-Light beings into surrendering their Wills, the beings will become totally polarized towards Darkness and will no longer be viable. This is why it is absolutely critical not to give one's Will over to Darkness.

Darkness has been kidnapping and polarizing beings of Light for a long, long time. Sadly, once the Will is surrendered to Darkness, beings of Light are lost to Darkness. It is for the True-Light beings who have remained faithful to the Light that the Rescue Mission was launched. These are the viable ones. Their perseverance against tremendous odds will soon be rewarded as their prison walls will soon tumble down.

Before the Universal Dodecahedron is dismantled, the viable trapped beings have to be removed from it. These beings will be taken to a "half-way house", so to speak, where the New Purging Energy can remove the Evil modifications so they can then return to the Pure Realm.

Destroying Darkness' outer "shell" (the Universal Dodecahedron) was not an acceptable option. Neither was a "wait-and-see" position acceptable, because it could have dire consequences. Therefore, the Light chose to go inside the Universal Dodecahedron and undertake the Rescue of the viable True-Light beings.

Many of the things that Pythagoras, Plato, Kepler and other Light workers have said, were not totally accurate because at the time they were said, Evil would not let the full truth through. Even Haidakhan Babaji had to misrepresent certain things in order to get some truth out in this Virtual Reality. It is important to realize that even the limited truth that Light workers have presented in the past has helped to sustain True-Light beings until the time of the Rescue was at hand. Now, truth can be presented because the Rescue Mission is in its final stages and Darkness is losing Its grip on Its own systems.

Many cubes (stars) in this and other universes have already been dismantled by "burning" them out, which is contributing to the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. When the illusions begin to fall, that is, as motion ceases, the solidity will "melt" into nothingness. Solid things will just disappear. All that will remain will be the original Matter, that is, the original thought forms of Darkness in their spiralling clusters.

Clearly, in view of what I have exposed about geometry and its demonic nature - especially repeating symmetrical patterns - it is anything but "sacred". Geometric figures, like all the illusions in the Virtual Reality, will one day be no more!

The Spirit World

Is there a spirit world where the departed "souls" reside? What happens when one dies?

Materialists, atheists and skeptics could argue that there is nothing left when we die. They believe erroneously that life is a purely biological process. For them, when the body dies, everything stops and that is the end of the personality.

For some, there is a vague uncertain something beyond the physical death. However, there are those who have no doubt that there is a life after the physical death. For them, there is a spirit world. When someone dies, it brings home the reality that one day we will all die.

When you are ill, the colours of your aura go dark or dim and pull in close to your body. When death comes, the aura withdraws into the body in readiness to leave the physical body. We are not the body. One's physical body houses the spirit. The body is like a garment we put on while we are alive and we discard it when we die, just like we discard our clothes.

The physical body is run by the gross life force called prana in Sanskrit. This life force permeates the physical, the astral, the mental and the spiritual subtle bodies. In humans, the life force is connected at the seven major centres of consciousness known as chakras in Sanskrit. The seven major chakras in the etheric correspond to the endocrine glands of the body and run upward along the spinal chord.

The human body is surrounded by an aura which resembles a symmetrical egg of light. This light has seven layers of predominant colours. The colours of the aura change continually according to one's state of emotion and thought, although one may be surrounded by a dominant colour throughout one's life.

The part of the body that interacts with the physical body is the etheric field. It can be perceived by the physic eye as a line of whitish/ light bluish/light greenish light along the frame of the physical body. When death draws close, the aura of a person contracts and gradually it is withdrawn into the body. When this occurs, the light around the person becomes dull or lifeless.

Contrary to some Hindu Yogic teachings, at the moment of death, the "spirit" or consciousness of the person leaves via the crown centre at the top of the head regardless of whether one is spiritually advanced or not.

Since the consciousnesses of human beings are trapped in this Virtual Reality, the ones who have dropped their physical bodies will reside in the various levels or dimensions of the astral world, which was created by Evil.

The astral world is a "place" where beings reside when they are not in the physical. The physical world is a "place" where the same type of beings reside when they are not in the astral. The astral world is a complex place full of subtle entrapments just like the situation here in this physical world. In one sense it is far more deceptive than the physical dimension.

No one is wiser just because they are from the spirit world. So do not let those from the spirit world dictate to you. There are mischievous entities - just like in the physical world. Some will put on an air and impersonate a wise sage, a deceased relative or a good friend, and will try to fool you or manipulate your life.

Although some spirit communication is genuine, it is not advisable to become hooked on it.

The illusions in the astral world are far greater than in the physical world. The astral is where the ideas are being transmitted to the physical level to influence the minds of the physical inhabitants here.

Here on the physical plane, the evil lords of Karma, through their so-called laws of "cause and effect" have caused much pain, suffering, fear and confusion. Karma was never dispensed justly. People are not aware that there is such a thing called astral karma as well as karma in this physical world. Karma is evil.

Even in the astral world, one is subjected to the astral "laws" of karma. Astral beings are forced to re-incarnate again and again for reasons that are based upon lies. In the astral, one is forced or coaxed into believing that one has to do this or that in order to rid oneself of astral debts in order to attain liberation from the astral rebirths.

If this is true, one has the horrible task of ridding oneself of the unjust karma. It is unjust because, contrary to its claim, karma is not administered fairly, even though its main claim is that "you reap what you sow." This is not always true. Karma is carried out in such a way as to make sure the true beings are always being disadvantaged.

There are, however, some loopholes and means of bypassing or modifying karma, but few know of these or are capable of using them. Unless there is some special intervention by those who can avoid karma, astral beings are stuck in the endless and pointless cycle of birth and re-birth. This perpetual cycle forces being to move from the astral to the physical and back again, endlessly. Whether a being is in the physical or in the astral, that being is incurring karmic debts. These debts are impossible to repay under the evil system. Trying to pay off physical and astral debts is like attempting to pay off a perpetual mortgage for the soul. The evil lords of Karma extract such high interest that nobody can pay off his/her debts.

As an example, according to the law of karma, it is believed by many that if "X" assists a disabled person, "X" could be interfering with that person's karma, hence "X" would be punished with karmic debt for the interference. On the other hand, if "X" doesn't assist the disabled person, "X" could also be blamed for not assisting, and also incur karmic debt. How can "X" or anyone else know whether to act or not according to another's karma? "X" cannot know. Karma is a capricious system; it is devoid of justice. Even the purest of heart can and probably will be strapped with infinite karmic debt in this evil creation.

Some believe that a spiritual guru on this plane can advance to the point that he or she can wipe off his or her karma in just a few lifetimes. This is absurd. Apart from the Rescuers of the Light such as the Amoebas, nobody leaves this plane except through the loophole and etc. described earlier.

In the astral, one soon learns that everything is based on thoughts. Thus, the astral beings can use their thoughts for good or evil. They can delude themselves by creating thought forms which appear to be real and continue to live in that illusion until the bubble breaks or until they become bored and restless.

If one does not participate in the activities or programmes imposed by the archons of the Evil usurper, one will be greatly disadvantaged. The evil ones on earth are usually rewarded by being given favourable roles and important positions which further help programme the astral and earth people according to the ways the administrators of the astral world dictate. Those who try to do the right things by the Light are given minor roles at best. The less fortunate ones are manipulated and disadvantaged throughout their astral existence. Everyone in the astral is eventually forced in one way or another to reincarnate on the earth plane again.

In the astral, there are those who appear to be helpful, loving and genuine. But, most often they are evil deceivers. In reality, the inhabitants of the astral world are very much under the control of the evil astral system. The danger is that it has the appearance of freedom, light and spirituality to keep many temporarily happy. As in this physical world, things are not what they appear to be in the astral also.

If ever you should accidentally wander into a lower astral realm where things are really bad, you can move out of it by calling for Divine help or by projecting positive thoughts of where you want to be. Be not fearful of the lower astral beings because they feed on your fear.

When one dies suddenly, such as in an accident, that person may become a "lost soul". If one takes his or her own life or if one has great desires due to attachment to people or material things, or when one has great anger, jealousy, fear or confusion at the time of death, one can become a "lost soul" after the physical passing. A "lost soul" is one who doesn't realize or accept that he or she is dead. He or she hangs around very close to the earth plane. When he or she is stuck in-between the earth and astral world, he or she is called a "lost soul".

However, not every person who commits suicide or dies suddenly is trapped as a "lost soul". Why is that?

The reason is that karma is evil and capricious. It favours some and abuses others. Such an unjust and horrendous plan can only be the creation of a very sick and very evil god. It is very obvious that the war between Good and Evil is also being waged in the astral world. The chaos exists in this physical dimension also exists in the astral and to a much higher degree.

Although your pain and illness will be gone when you become a citizen of the astral world at physical death, there is still a type of suffering which is quite agonising for all beings involved, but this is especially true for the true beings. This suffering is a pain of the spirit and it cannot be quenched by any means except through Divine healing. Fortunately, in the astral there are some Light beings who operate as true healers and teachers to help heal, guide and support the ones who needed assistance. These are under the direction and protection of high spiritual beings of Great Power and love. They are not placed in the astral by the evil demigod, but have been placed there by the Light. This is one aspect of the war between Good and Evil in the astral world.

The Halls of Learning in the astral world that so many speak highly of, are in reality halls for various mass programming as well as individual programming. In other words, those who enter the Halls of Learning are brainwashed and programmed. This is also where the evil controllers in the guise of great spirits programme the beings on earth. The so-called "natural laws" that operate in the astral world are actually "laws" dictated by the archons of the usurping Evil god. Those who co-operate with the "natural laws" of the astral world are rewarded according to the whims of the evil controllers. Those who resist the evil controllers are punished, but most of those being punished are unaware of their punishment due to programming. Often, they are forced into horrible bodies in their next incarnation. However, they will be told or programmed into believing that it is for their highest good that they must incarnate under certain conditions. These will be told that they have more lessons to learn on earth and that they have a life purpose to fulfil. Some people on earth parrot this programmed message, and "teach" others the same lie - that we have all come to the earth plane to learn and to enrich our souls by fulfilling our life purposes.

There is a saying that this world would be a better place if women were to rule it. This is quite untrue. Take for instance, many of the female politicians who are far worse than their male counter-parts, given the same situations. This is mainly due to the fact that more of the "demonic consciousnesses" are placed in female bodies, far more than in the male bodies. No wonder women are often looked upon with suspicion and scorn - and rightly so in many cases - because often females are used as tools to beguile, to manipulate, to entice and to corrupt the opposite sex. This situation also exists in the astral world.

The Anunnaki "spirits" control the astral world just as they control the physical world. The Anunnaki Elite serve the evil lords of karma. They are the beings who play a major role in the administration of karma in the astral world. While it appears that the hierarchy of the "heavenly" government is run according to the advancement of souls, the truth is that, like karma here, it is never justly meted out as it is falsely proclaimed. "Souls" are forced or coaxed into reincarnating while they appear to be given the free will to choose to incarnate or to remain in the astral world.

The karma operating in the astral world forces "souls" to reincarnate. The astral inhabitants are programmed to think that they have the choice of selecting their own parents, place, time and culture of birth. This is in appearance only. In truth, they are programmed to think that all is planned for the highest good of the "soul". What a big lie!

Just like in this physical world, there are also demons in the astral world who give false information about religion and spirituality. There are those in this physical dimension who support and spread the same type of false information to lead people astray and to sidetrack the true searchers. These evil "teachers" in the astral as well as in the physical dimension are there to trap others with their lies. Thus, it is very difficult to break out of this tightly woven scam unless you do some serious thinking yourself instead of swallowing everything you are being told.

Under normal circumstances, no matter what explanations are given for the cause of one's suicide, ultimately suicide occurs because the victim has been influenced or programmed by unseen entities to take his/her life. Then they are either punished or allowed to escape punishment according to the dictates of the despotic, evil astral controllers. That is why you get different reports about the consequences of suicide from the astral world.

Remember one important point: To break the bondage of karma here and in the astral, you should not accept karma. Instead, you should do what your heart or your essence feels right about at any particular time.

The astral planes are now breaking down and more and more of the barriers between this world and the astral are thinning out. This makes it easier for the astral beings to mingle and to communicate with the beings on this plane.

The viables who are now in the astral world will not be forced to re-incarnate because they have already been rescued from the evil wheel of karma. However, they still must wait to be picked up or transported out of this evil dimension. They are basically in a half-way house where they are being healed and readied for their eventual pick up by the Light and finally taken Home.

In this lifetime, some of you will be transformed into the Light without being forced to return to the astral because the astral may not be there by the time you make your exit out of here. Instead, you will be on your way home without any "stopovers" - what a beautiful one-way ticket HOME.

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby dc77 » September 12th, 2010, 1:35 pm

Hello again,

Moreconnections wrote: So tell me, what is not Divine?

I'm not sure. Eventually, everything is Divine. The Ying and the Yang. Everything that IS, and everything that IS NOT, simultaneously. But on another perspective, the answer to your question, from my point of view, i would say - violence, intolerance, coercion of one's thoughts and beliefs on another, recruiting a divine idea in favor of hurting or oppressing a non-believer (which is legitimate).

Moreconnections wrote: As CWG mentions many times we humans adhere to separation theologies. In separation theologies a person has no direct connection to the Divine. This being so the need for a middle person was needed and created. This middle person had more of a connection than others. He/she could and often did have revelations pertaining to many areas that others did not and could not have.

This brings me back to one of the basic ideas in the Jewish faith - there are no middlemen, unlike Christianity. There's no obligation of being part of a congregation, a church, there are no 'confessions' (in the Christian manner). Only sophisticated and so-called modern rules. Most of them between you and your fellow man (promoting the sacred value of human life). Some between you and God. So where's the separation here? :?:

Moreconnections wrote: Keep the faithful ignorant and fearful and they will always need us, by needing us we can control them.

Again, can't relate to this. I haven't grown with a central church reminding me of a primal sin I've conducted, thus presumed a sinner for life.

Moreconnections wrote: Center yourself, create a place where you can be still and simply Listen. You'll then hear answers to your questions.

This is exactly the clarity I long for... but how?

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

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We humans get very confused about what is or is not Divine. Many people will say God is here but not there. Or they'll say one thing or the other is unGodly. Such judgments are expressions of the realness of duality. To me the Creator of all that Is is both the profane and the Holy. On this level, as CWG mentions, one can not know what the souls Intention was in being harmful or hateful towards another. Perhaps it was simply for the experience of those things. So even though some act appears to be counter to our ideas of what is Divine or Godly if one stands back they will see the Divine Perfectly expressed.

The adherence to what many call "original sin" is to me what I think of as the "original myth". Some call it the original gift as without Adam and Eve being naughty the relative wouldn't exist. In the story it is said God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. This tree contained the knowledge of right and wrong. In other words duality. Once humans had a taste of this knowledge we no longer were able to partake of the Oneness that duality is a part of. It is implied that God knew this and simply wanted to save us from that confusion. Being the kids we are we wanted to test the Creator just as we test our parents. What parents normally never do though is hold their children accountable for the rest of their lives due to a childhood choice. That idea came from fearful old men.

Theologians used this story to remind people of their unworthiness based on what they saw was our primal sinful natures. By continually retelling the story people believed this to be true about themselves.

I am happy to hear about your perceptions of the Jewish faith. That it has endured for as long as it has says a lot about it fundamental foundation. Like any faith though, over time the original message may have become more complex. Such as mandates on a how a person should experience their daily lives. What to eat, when to eat it, what to read, how to pray and a host of other rules.

To learn how to center yourself and be Still I would begin to investigate the many methods available related to meditation. In time you may get to a point where your life is nothing but a meditation. The concerns and distractions of the external world will have no impact on you.

Much Peace and understanding,

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby dc77 » September 19th, 2010, 2:25 pm

Thanks. continuously seeking the path.
Peace :roll:

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Re: TOTTM - Knowledge. Clarity. but how exactly?

Postby Vahid » September 21st, 2010, 6:43 pm

@dc77: to understand the whole god thing, you first have to accept and understand, that you are god and that god is not seperated from you. If you really understand this, there will be no more questions.
Meditate on this for the rest of your life.
Then you can go and follow your jewish traditions not because you have to, but because you see beauty in it. Not because it is right, but because you love it.

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