living in a fog

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living in a fog

Postby Moreconnections » September 20th, 2010, 8:37 am

Sometimes I get a feeling of how truly close we are to Waking. I see and feel what we take for reality in this forgetful state is more like trying to play a sport while in a heavy fog. Can you imagine playing tennis or golf in such a condition? You know the net or hole is out there somewhere but simply can’t see it. Such conditions do not deter us however. We are used to it and believe this is how the game is to be played.

As a breeze is felt we experience increased visibility is beginning to occur. We begin to see the form of the net. The fairway comes more into view. At first we are a bit startled by this ongoing change. You start to see why you’ve not been having a lot of luck playing the game.

So where did this breeze come from? It seemed to just magically appear. It came from the magic of your Intention. For many years you’ve had the Intention to experience life more clearly, more openly and honestly. The Universe has been Listening. Once we get passed the notion that the Universe must respond on our time scale then it happens. The less we rely on our relative thoughts and egos to define and guide us, the more we are able to let the Universe shower us with its gifts. Gifts it has always been waiting to give us.

So nurture your Intention to Wake. Keep it very simple and try to keep your relative thoughts out of this. Simply move into complete and Absolute Trust of the Process. Remember the only thing that prevents you from receiving your Infinite gifts is you.

Peace with Love,


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