this morning

Dialogue with Neale about The Only Thing That Matters
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this morning

Postby Moreconnections » October 9th, 2010, 5:24 am

Hi Everyone,

This morning I sent to Neales newsletter email address the comment below. Now whether anything will come of it I don't know. From my experience on sites similar to this one at least one moderator is needed to keep the flow of the site going. As I inferred in my email to let one person disrupt the stated Intention of this club seems foolish.

There are listed 224 members. As can already be seen few post and likely many simply joined having no intention to actively contribute. They occasionally read posts though. The way things are now I doubt when they do visit they may return.

While I very much appreciate Neale starting this site unless some things change and are addressed it will die. In a way its too bad as the idea did have potential.

Peace with Love,

To the newsletter:


In a recent newsletter Neale invited people to join a club he started named "The Only Thing That Matters." I joined the club and it started to look promising. As of today there are 224 members. Unfortunately I doubt there will be any more due to a couple people posting things that really have little to do with the Intent of the site. What has happened is that if two people post and/or start an exchange one person in particular interrupts this flow by posting what amounts to adds to sell things. This person has never posted anything that directly contributes to what I thought Neale had wished to see develop on the site.

fghi406 Has posted 48 times since joining the 21st of September. All of the posts were about selling something. While I don't advocate censorship, to me either this person is asked to refrain from these kinds of posts or to remove himself from the club either voluntarily or not. Otherwise it is likely the club will die on the vine so to speak before it ever has a chance to really flourish.
I would recommend someone be given a moderator status in order to prevent such things in the future.
Michael Schrage

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Re: this morning

Postby Joe » February 16th, 2011, 3:30 pm

Hello Michael, and thank you for your observation.

It's true that this site experienced certain challenges in its early stages, but its now better protected against those who wish to leave posts for their own profit.

So I hope to talk with you more in the days and weeks to come, and as Neale takes us into a deeper dialogue about the new book, and its implications for our Lives.

With Love and Blessings,
: )

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