What Matters Most

Dialogue with Neale about The Only Thing That Matters
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What Matters Most

Postby aspen » August 12th, 2010, 10:17 am

For me it's having fun anywhere i can.... This is Neale here. I find your idea Interesing. I assume you mean never at anyone else's expense. telling myself the right storyline or lies that support my experience enough so that they become my perceived reality. I do not think that lying to oneself is either 'fun' or guarantees a good life. In fact, I believe just exactly the opposite. I now see the world as illusion where we are all just playing this game ( similar to the sims) and I am just a character of my future self. Interestingly enough this idea is actually backed up by science:

http://science.discovery.com/videos/thr ... -life.html

"Perhaps we are merely computer simulations of our future selves"~ discovery science

Then again it really is the minds job to validate itself. The agreement I feel ( those endorphins that make me feel good) could really just be my ego telling me that I'm right. This could all be the self full-filling prophecy of my minds internal validation system. But ya know if I'm gonna believe, 'that I'm right' either way then, I chose to believe in a world of love and overcoming. I like this thought! But I don't think it's a 'lie,' or an 'illusion.' I think that the opposite of this is the lie.

And all those other people who disagree with this have there very own set of lies and storylines that allows them to receive their own internal validation whenever something terrible happens. The mind rewards them whenever they see perceived evidence of the lies that they have been telling themselves. It really doesn't matter if you know it's real or not. If you are aware of the game or not. The system doesn't change. Am I any better for knowing this? no they are just playing a different game then me -- they have access to various levels of the game that I don't because of it, just like I have access to areas of the game that they have no access to. There is something to what you say here. I think it is a bit 'shallow' as you have described it, but there is something to what you are touching on here. Let's discuss this further.

The game/mind/ego/ whatever you wanna call it has rules - it will validate itself. if you play the victim you'll see evidence of it and you will be ever so the victim but in the realization that you are just playing a role in a giant simulation you can sorta change the game a little, but I find myself still bound by areas of myself that I am unaware.. the subconscious beliefs in limitations that the game makes real for me. Yes. There is a Ultimate Reality, I believe, and I do not experience that this reality is all just a MindGame...although I do understand some of what you are getting at here.

What about saving people in the game? ahh there is a paradox because if you shift yourself you are no longer in the same game with those previous people -- they look the same, smell the same, but they are not the same. I think we are shifting through realities itself whenever we change ourselves. Perhaps, but that does not mean that we cannot 'visit' other, former, realities. Because we change does not mean that the entirety of our exterior reality changes. Think of a harp and when you vibrate on a particular level you have access to reality only through that specific string but when you raise your own vibration you have access to an entirely new vibration. The previous vibration doesn't exist anymore -- those people are only figments of your imagination because they have been replaced with kinder, more loving, more appreciative versions of themselves. If what you are saying is that the way you move through the world affects the way the world moves through you, I agree with you. But there is much more to say on this, and I think it is dangerous to assume that the whole reality around you is going to shift because you have shifted your inner reality. This could lead to New Age Disillusionment. This all deserves a much broader discussion. I invite others to join in. Hugs...neale.


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Re: What Matters Most

Postby nameuser » August 13th, 2010, 1:22 pm

Hi there, you shouldn't be surprised if your words ended up in Neal's new book, if not, write your own or talk to as many people as you can, i'm glad i've come across this and i'm showing now to friends. Like a wake up call!

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Neale replies to Aspen

Postby Neale » August 20th, 2010, 12:28 pm

See my thoughts in your own posting, above. Hugs...Neale.

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby paul6stewart » August 28th, 2010, 2:56 am

HI. Best wishes. I find your topic interesting. I feel you have chosen to see it a certain way. I think we all have that ability. It does sound a bit thought dominated from here. The main characteristics of your generous comment are mind and future. Both of these are important but become balanced when you are in a glorious moment.I have been taught and I believe and practice that we are mind, body and spirit. The more I honour this, the better I feel because I am aware what works for me. Also, if I loose focus or forget I don't feel as good or powerful. This is not the same exactly as other people but I am confident the same formula applies. Just expressed in unique ways. I feel there is nothing quite like experience to give greater understandings of life. These understandings often feel deep and words seem to fail to express their feeling. Relating them to another person is a skill but you want to because when we have something great, it's natural to want to share it. I don't feel you have neccessarily found a great feeling with your way of thinking because, it doesn't come thru in the translation of energy from your words. I think it's important to look at how we actually think of life and our beliefs. To open our mind to greater possibilities. I also say that the world teachings dominant in humanity have been quite dull and not very spiritual. It's natural that now, we are being presented thru many ways, with higher ideas and greater possibilities. It's perhaps unwise to get too rigid in thought at a time of great awakening. The souls in the world will choose what they do with it. I am glad you said what you said. Who knows..You may feel different now or perhaps on a deep level you want to look at it. I am sure you have all the access in the heart and soul to wisdom. I know we choose to be here in a human reality. I also say that if we accept it and do our best, we create a good habit and mastership. We take this with us into the future without regret. It's here. It's now for sure. We can create our future and we can heal our past. We can know ourselves as God. If we over think it, we will fog up our vision and perhaps miss some of the deeper wisdoms given quietly to us in our day to day lives. Enjoy.. Paul

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby johannavanzwet » August 28th, 2010, 3:53 am

First of all: thanks Neale for setting this up! Much appreciated.

Paul, I liked reading your reply, thank you for sharing. Your last sentences resonated with me while I was considering "The Only Thing That Matters". I think it is: to know who you really are. Deep down inside.

When you relate to the yourself and to the world around you from the firm footing of an understanding of who you are, that's when things will start to make sense. All other bases for relating leave you groping around. That understanding may change over time and that's all right. It is your only reliable reference point for being here and now.

I've been thinking about this question: who or what am I? This is how far I've come so far: I'm not my body. The body is a collection of atoms and serves as an instrument, but as such doesn't define who I am. I'm not my mind or the contents of my mind. Thoughts and feelings are fleeting and changeable. The mind serves as an instrument, but as such doesn't define who I am. Nor am I my particular circumstances. I'm something beyond all these. Perhaps that 'something' is a common identity? And what would it mean if that common identity were to become my reference point for being here and now?

Thanks for thinking along with me,
love to all,

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby paul6stewart » August 28th, 2010, 4:28 am

It's nice to feel the genuine nature (Johanna and all .. thanks)in people regardless of the view. I see life as everything.. everywhere. The body is life. The mind is life. The soul is life and the expression and creations we see are life. I saw yesterday a series of pics on youtube from the Hubble telescope. They looked at a piece of space where there were no stars for 4 days or so. They found on closer examination, thousands and thousands of galaxies. Not stars but galaxies.
I feel, the "I" that we are talking about is like this. I also say that within that we have various forms and stars, balckholes and gases etc. We see it in wonder. A mind in wonder doesn't think to judge that. Bringing that feeling to day to day life may take more practice but seeing such sights wakes up this response and feeling.
I have never really related to the teachings that say we are not the body. I remember a young guy sitting in front of me saying this. I flicked his finger and said.. did you feel that. He said "NO" This was denial at it's best. However, I do make sure as best I can, that the soul is the guide, not the body. When having more spiritual feelings and visions etc, I am simply unaware of the body or any limitations so thats easy. No big deal. To try and make your mind believe you are not the body is not soo important. Things drop away when you don't need them. Maybe just better to not get too attached so when you need to move, you are free. Meanwhile, love it and take care of it because it serves to do so.
Give love to the body.. to the mind.. to the soul. It's the "I" of God doing it. hehe

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby Marko » August 28th, 2010, 7:59 am

Marko here, I believe life to be a lucid dream game we are playing in. It seems we are doing so by a conscious willing choice, (made in pre birth) but It could be be something else or much more than that, of which we are not yet aware of. That's how I currently see it.

As we awake, like lucid dreaming, we have more control and freedom in the lucid dream game of the physical.
I believe Star Trek may have had it right in that we will eventually have replicators & holodecks. In fact, our physical reality is a lucid dream holodeck.

The game changer is always our personal awakening in various levels and degrees. CwG says it's delicious, the good the bad, the glorious & the horrible. When we decide that we had enough of the bad drama, we can change it to good drama as the majority of our current experience. We can do this first individually even when the collective is not aware of that possibility.

What really matters for me is the pure positive energy love creativity & kindness we pour forth and waterfall,-- first to ourselves, then to the world at large which is the larger expression of our grander self.

Light & love, creativity & kindness etc. are such wonderful energies, the eventual focus and enjoyment and fun, will be on such energies of experience. That's how I currently envision it.

We will eventually decide that the contrasts don't have to continue to be the negative and positive, but variations of the positive. Like good, better, great, grand, blissful etc. So we now still have contrasts, just that the contrasts and contextual fields for them are mostly or are all positive by conscious choice.

Radiant & explosive blessings,

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby OB 1 » August 30th, 2010, 5:32 pm

Aspen, if you are capable of maintaining that level of "fun" at all times in your life and not at the expense of others I say good for you. Whatever mind games you conjour up to maintain this level of joy or fun in your life does not matter if the essence of it is pure. If you are experiencing negative emotions and not resolving them sincerely and honestly but just burying them the odds of this fun lasting long are not good.

As for saving others, my understanding is we can only save ourselves. Yet, compassion, kindness, and love can go a long way in helping others reach that goal and by being this we do not change our energy patterns but increase them.

I have lived a long time and met many people, and have yet to meet anyone who has mastered this game, not even reached a level of almost. sounds like you have a general understanding of the rules of the game. Just wondering if you are adept at intergrating the intricacies that are involved.

As with your harp, we are likened to computers that have been programmed long before we finally stumbled upon a newer version, how well we deprogram old infomation while replacing it with the newer version will determine our success and future happiness. Good luck, just don't forget in the process you are not just you, but part of a collective, a small part of a much larger whole. Seeing a bit of yourself in it all keeps your perspective sharper, clearer, and effective

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby aspen » August 31st, 2010, 9:34 am

Wow - I return to a virtual banquet of responses Thank you all...

I'll start with the most recent first and work my way back in time of responses :-) ( sounds like a good book already.
OB 1
said "at all times"

I have those moments too, when I takes solitary trips to the darker aspects of my inner being and that is what I was eluded to with the reference to old software running.


I hear ya -- have you heard this old quote:

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Allan Poe

@paul6stewart &

The world is nothing but my perception of it. I see only through myself. I hear only through the filter of my story.
- Byron Katie" [/quote] //

I have another great quote for you:

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. —C. S. Lewis ...

With that being said I know the joy of experience yet I also know there is another joy.... yes a joy that is pure without experience.

The 90 second rule by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: "There’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body and then after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop" & "When you stay stuck in an emotional response,you’re choosing it by choosing to continue thinking the same thoughts that retrigger it. " -- > It's the power of choice. She learned through her stroke of insight that our experience is nothing but baggage that gets in the way of the greatest love imaginable. It is always present just on the other side of the layers of experience and stories we tell.


I say leave it all up to an attitude of gratitude. We always have a choice. We can spend our time complaining or we can spend it being thankful.

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Re: What Matters Most

Postby aspen » August 31st, 2010, 12:34 pm

Neal: - thanks for putting this page together. I hope I got these in the right order.

Have a blessed day.

1# You can't hold another person down without staying down with them.

2# ( lying) Einstein said it best "The world is an illusion albeit a very persistent illusion"

3# The world is a reflection of our internal dialog.

4# Mindgames: If you read a chicken soup book and have a conversation immediately after reading it; Is your conversation not tinted by that book?

5# What we see in others says more about ourselves than the others.

6# We illuminate our world with our internal dialog but more importantly we project our memories from that same place.

7# I hold to the idea that once you label me you negate me. I think the energy behind appreciation is available to us all regardless of methodologies.

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