Being NOwhere and NOWhere

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Being NOwhere and NOWhere

Postby Jenilyn » August 12th, 2010, 1:34 pm

I was 19 when my mom started telling me about this remarkable book about a remarkable God who is funny and loving and everything I never imagined a God could be. The whole idea was studip to me, I had lost my connection to God long time ago, final turn off was a confirmation class where I was taught that after death God sends "bad" people to hell and "good" ppl to heaven. Well 6 months later I was about to take a year off after studies and move abroad. It was a tough thing for my mom to let me go and so I gave up my opposition and started reading GwG. And oh boy did it change my life! It changed me! I can still recall one particular moment reading that book in a car while my parents were driving us on a country side, and I got an amazing revalation of THIS IS IT! This is how everything is, this is how it has been all along, how come I haven´t seen it before since it´s so clear and simple?!! Crying out loud had never felt so good before! All the GwG books have left such a rich seed inside me that without it my life would´ve turned out very differently I´m sure.

And so here I am 10 years later finding myself in a situation where everything is absolutely good. I love my family, I´m happy with what I do and it´s hard to find anything to complain about. Except there´s something missing. It´s like watching that beautiful seed inside me anxiously wanting to blossom but it never does. In other words, just like so many others have discribed here in the forum, I feel stuck. And the only thing keeping me stuck is me myself - or to be specific my mind that´s so caught up in the physical realm that it fools me to think it´s all I´ve got.

Well I´m done with that controlling mind that keeps me away from myself, keeps me from blooming and keeps me from being here now. To help myself let go I decided 6 weeks ago it´s time to leave my safe and secure homeland again and learn how to embrace the unknown as it unfolds itself every moment. It´s not easy! At times I feel very chaotic and distressed, but I have no choise but to believe that clear voice that comes from deep within and tells me it´s all good. I don´t have plans, only to be nowhere - now here - and go where ever being here takes me. Every day I pray to God "show me the way, and I will follow". And I have followed all the way to the USA and this forum by now. This all feels very right and true. Thank you Neal for being part of the way!

So what are you telling me, Jenilyn...that you left your family in another country and have come here? Have you asked yourself life's Four Fundamental Questions yet? Have you read When Everything Changes, Change Everything? Where are you? What are you doing? Hugs...neale.

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