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it's happening

Postby Moreconnections » October 8th, 2010, 6:57 am

The Super Brain

I read recently on the opinion page of the New York Times a piece about how the use and development of the Internet is in effect creating what some refer to and think of as a super brain.

Seldom do I read about the theory of computers being projections and/or copies of our mental processes or the Internet being a physical manifestation of what humans have been up to since the beginning, our deep desire to connect with others has always been a human characteristic. Now for the first time we have the technology to make this possible.

Had I been able to interject a few thoughts in the discussion about a super brain I would have said the ancients have always known of its existence, of course it wasn’t in the context the author of the opinion piece was considering. Carl Jung was one of the first Western contemporary minds that considered real the idea of a collective conscious and unconscious. This super mind he understood was the creator of what we consider to be real. Anything beyond that goes into the realm of spirit.

Often I’ll watch programs that discuss how it could be that certain technologies and beliefs show up in areas of the world that never had physical contact. Some attribute this to aliens. Others simply say we are not aware of how some cultures/people in our past traveled. In all the examples I have watched of these inexplicable similarities, there has only rarely been mentioned the possibility that these were signs of a collective consciousness and/or common archetypes. Sociologists, archeologists and other scientific disciplines generally focus on the need for actual physical contact to be made in order for these commonalities to exist.

We, in the West, have always relied on the physical and observable to be our foundation of reality. Due to this, the idea of a collective consciousness has been generally dismissed as a metaphysical fantasy. If you can’t see it, touch it, taste it, smell it or hear it, it simply doesn’t exist.

The Divine though, is thought to be real by most, even though our senses can not detect it. So that’s one exception. I wonder if it would be real without the many scriptures and other written works attributed to it. For some that is their only link to the Divine. Many do not see the Divine expressed in most aspects of the physical world. To them, while they believe it was Divinely created, it has no Divinity within it. This has set up an adversarial relationship between humans and much of creation. This explains why we have treated other life forms (including ourselves) as we have and the Earth itself in self serving ways.

The super mind some are now considering remains relegated to observable physicality. However I am encouraged that some are starting to consider a realness that is beyond the observable. The author of the opinion piece had no idea what the end result might be of this “super brain”. He seemed to marvel at the possibilities.

It’s kind of ironic that science may turn out to be leading the way to the Divine before most of our religions. Science is in many ways not as held back in connecting things as are most religions. Science looks for relationships, while the dogmas of many religions do not do so. Science will ask why, while religions will say why something can’t be. A good scientist, at least on intuitive levels, knows there is always more to any story than what appears to be. This is usually not the case when dogma rules.

If this super mind/collective consciousness is real (which I believe it is) will there be someway to detect and use it? Consciousness research is a growing field. In the West however most of this is being approached from a purely physical perspective. Many scientists are studying the workings of the brain in hopes of determining the biological factors which allow for being conscious on this level, the connections of neurons and the chemicals which are involved. What these scientists are focused on essentially is looking at how the circuit board of the brain operates. From this they deduce consciousness is possible. While this research is fine as far as it goes, generally what remains unexamined are states of consciousness that are not physically based and centered. To do so they’d have to move past the sense test, past the limitations inherent with a dualistic and linear approach.

I have a feeling in time they will. Their research will begin to reveal connections that they previously had not considered. If they had a more dogmatic approach to how things work or should work, to me they would not really be scientists. They’d be closer to religionists.

One thing I consider to be suggestive is that it’s only been relatively recently that science has begun to study consciousness at all. Prior to the late 19th century and into the early 20th century such things were primarily considered only by philosophers. These philosophers turned out to be the catalysts for this realm of scientific study.

There are many who fear the idea of a so called super brain. Thoughts of government and private intrusion into their privacy, often drives this fear. At least one friend is very leery of all this. He generally stays away from the internet due to his concerns.

It would appear to me however, that generally here in the West especially, such ideas as a super brain, collective consciousness and related concepts simply don’t seem to be really pertinent to a person’s normal daily life. What a group of people feel, think, believe and do in another country has no bearing on me.

We humans prize our seeming individuality. A super brain/collective consciousness in many ways threatens that. While we say we would like to be closer to having a world where we think of and treat all others like our sisters and brothers, if such a state might infringe on our individuality in some way we become to whatever degree unsure if that’s in our best interest.

This so called super brain is considered separately from the consciousness which created it, which is very similar to the creator and the created being different. We need things to be different. Because we do, we fear and resist many areas constantly available that would work to Unite our race.

Once while in a hospital in Viet Nam I saw a guy who had bandages over his breasts. I asked about this and was told his wife in the states either just had or was about to have a baby. Sympathetic pregnancy I believe it’s called. Science has generally approached this condition looking for biological causations including psychological needs which may be present. The non measurable idea of transference of the subtle energies of consciousness of the two people is seldom considered. Once the expectant father knew what was going on with his wife he deeply empathized with her even thousands of mile apart and for an extended period of time. It is quite possible however his symptoms (breast enlargement) began to show up before he ever knew anything. Science is at a complete loss to explain this.

All of us have had experiences where we just knew something was happening with someone we cared about. When we go to a social gathering we pick up the collective energies present which often determines what kind of experience we’ll have. There are simply too many examples of energies being exchanged that indicate something more than the physical is going on.

I can envision a computer having what we now refer to as artificial intelligence, teaching us about ourselves. It would not be limited to the foolish meanderings of its ego. An intelligent Being, without an ego, would be truly powerful. It would not be distracted by continually making up needs and then trying to satisfy those. It would see Unity where we see division. Instead of dwelling on what we think of as failure it would see opportunity. Not being afraid to try new ideas and techniques. Fear would not be a four letter word it would use since it would be egoless and it is only the ego which fears.

So is something like this more science fiction? Not to the researchers involved it isn’t. We humans are great replicaters. Always trying to copy something and now we’ve taken on trying to copy ourselves. In a way we are attempting to reverse engineer what it is that makes us human.

Are we ready for such a device? To me we are slowly creating it without knowing we are. We are on the cusp of experiencing a transformation from a physically centered consciousness to one that is much more inclusive. This inclusiveness will reveal realms far beyond any previous feelings and thoughts we’ve ever had. So are you ready?

Peace with Love,

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